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How to save on fuel

Fuel prices at petrol stations are not the lowest and there is no indication that this will change in the near future. Unfortunately, this directly affects our wallet, but there are some ways to reduce the expenses to some extent. Of course, in the case of some, the savings may seem small, but in the long run, they already become significant amounts. So how to save on fuel?

How to save on fuel while driving

Economical driving pays off, as it allows to save considerable amounts of fuel each month. It turns out that people who have the so called “fuel economy. „with a heavy leg” they can pay even up to 30% more for fuel compared to people who apply the principles of ecodriving on a daily basis!

Do not warm up the engine when stationary

Modern cars are ready to drive practically immediately after starting the engine, so we do not need to warm them up before driving. Starting the car immediately not only saves fuel, but also reduces harmful emissions. What is more, such warming up of the engine at a standstill has a negative impact on the condition of the car, causing faster wear of vital elements.

Anticipate the traffic situation

The highest fuel consumption is generated by frequent braking and accelerating. Although it is difficult to avoid this when driving in the city, especially during rush hour, but many situations can be predicted. One of them is changing traffic lights. When you see a red light, instead of approaching the light and braking sharply, it is much better to simply reduce speed and brake with the engine. Most of the time we should try to drive at as constant a speed as possible, without going into high gear if we don’t need to. Of course, driving at too low revolutions is also harmful to the engine, so we can not exaggerate.

Avoid driving at high speed

Lower engine revolutions means lower fuel consumption, and thus also saves a lot of money. Of course lower speeds mean lower fuel consumption, but we can’t overdo it either. Driving on a freeway or expressway at approx. 70 km/h is not reasonable. Even taking into account the fuel savings. In such situations a good choice is a speed between 90-110 km/h, because above 120 km/h the fuel consumption curve increases significantly.

Turn off the air conditioning and other gadgets

Modern cars are equipped with air conditioning and many other gadgets that contribute to higher fuel consumption. Although they improve driving comfort, we do not always have to have them on. What’s the point of running the air conditioning when the temperature outside is below 20 degrees?? Starting the heating when you are warmly dressed is not necessary either. It is worth resigning from these conveniences especially when we have a short distance to travel. Running the air conditioning will contribute to higher fuel consumption and will not be very effective anyway.

How to prepare your car for economical driving

Apart from the driving itself, it is also important to prepare the car properly. Before the journey it is worth checking a few issues that will certainly translate into lower fuel consumption.

The right tires

To save on fuel we should not only drive economically but also take care of the right tires and their pressure. Experts say that tire pressure affects fuel consumption and The scale of savings can reach up to 5%. It is worth illustrating this with an example: if we fill up for approx. 400 PLN, for this trivial reason you may have 20 PLN left in your pocket. In addition to pressure, tire size is also important. Reducing its width by 1 cm can reduce rolling resistance by approx. 1,5%.

No unnecessary luggage

Anything that adds weight to the car translates into higher fuel consumption. Specific values depend on the size of the car, but ok. 100 additional kilos is another approx. 0.7 liters of fuel consumption per 100 kilometers. In addition to the weight itself, air resistance is also important, which significantly increases e.g. roof rack. Deciding to drive with it, we have to reckon with Increase fuel consumption by up to 20%. Therefore, it is advisable to get rid of all the things you do not need, which affect the vehicle’s weight and air resistance when driving.

How to save on fuel in a different way

Changing the style of driving and proper preparation of the vehicle will certainly make a difference in our wallet. Not right away and only in the long run, but still. In addition to the above, it is worth thinking about other solutions that can bring further savings.



Carpooling is nothing more than commuting to work and other parts of Poland. Nowadays there are many carpooling services that combine the interests of many people, which in turn translates into visible savings on fuel. We can also look for other employees of the company who would like to go for a joint ride – surely there will be some.

Changing a car for a bicycle

In the case of people who live in the city center and have a short drive to work, owning a car is simply uneconomical. Of course having a car is very useful, but at least from time to time it’s worth to swap it for a bike. It will not only be more economical, but also healthier for our body. This is a great solution especially during spring and summer.

Installation of LPG system

Installing LPG system in your car is a very profitable investment in the long run, but only if you drive it a lot. Otherwise, the investment may turn out to be not very profitable, and even provoke numerous car repairs in case the installation is badly connected.


Transportation and fuel expenses are just one of many aspects of everyday life that are worth looking into if you are looking to save money. Not everyone realizes it, but every day we have a lot of opportunities to save. What’s more, we don’t have to give up things we want. All you have to do is to carefully analyze your expenses and even plan your household budget. Thanks to this we will gain much better control over our finances, and this is already a good step towards saving money.

What do you think about saving on fuel? Maybe you know some other ways? Share your opinion in the comments.

6 comments to “How to save on fuel”

Hey in my opinion LPG installation is very profitable nowadays, fuel prices for 95 are as high as 5.30 per liter vs. the price of gas 2.30.
You can also switch to a bicycle if you have a close proximity to work or to public transport and then it will also come out cheaper.

Definitely an LPG system, or rather a car already equipped with one. It is definitely a lower cost compared to the installation. Public transport is the best option, as far as biking is concerned, it would be better to do it on shorter distances, due to the weather conditions.

In my opinion LPG is a great solution, the price of gas is half the price 😉 But I bet the price of gas will go up too 😀 Of course owning a car is a great solution 😀 I bet the price of gas will go up too

In my opinion, once in a while everyone needs a walk. Or bike to the store and not 300m and drive by car.

LPG installation is still an alternative to petrol even though the price ratio is not as favourable as it was a few years ago. However, gas still pays off.