Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Electronic mail – what it is and how to set up an e-mail

Nowadays e-mail account is very useful, although unfortunately it also often receives a lot of unwanted advertising. A good mailbox, however, will cope with spam and we will not even notice it, but sometimes it is worth taking a look to see if by any chance the messages we have been waiting for have found their way there. Most people already have an account and their own e-mail address, but there will be also those who do not have it. What it is electronic mail i how to set up an email?

Electronic mail – what is it?

Electronic mail, or e-mail account, is an address that allows you to send and receive e-mail messages. In principle, a browser with access to the Internet is enough for us to use e-mail, although we can also use special programs for this purpose. Usually in the operating systems we have already installed some program of this type, which needs to be properly configured. The exact configuration depends on where you set up your e-mail account.

How to create an e-mail for free

Setting up an e-mail is a very simple activity, but before we start we should consider where we want to do it. You can choose from many services that allow you to do this. Below is a list sorted by popularity in Poland:

  • Gmail (Google),
  • Wp.en
  • Onet.en
  • Interia.en
  • Gazeta.en

The choice of service, which will serve our mail is a very individual matter, because they differ from each other in many respects. The differences relate mainly to the capacity of the mailbox, frequency of sending advertisements, the possibility of creating aliases, but also security. Gmail of course is the most popular mailbox for a reason. It distinguishes itself from others mainly by the lack of advertisements, which we agree to receive by opening an account somewhere else and the fact that one account allows us to use many services without having to open a new account in each of them.

How to set up a Gmail account

Setting up an e-mail is a very simple operation and I will show it on the example of Gmail. It is, of course, free, and if you already have an account with Google then you do not have to create another, because all services from Google are interconnected. How to create an e-mail – step by step:

  1. we go to the page: Gmail,
  2. We click „create account”,
  3. we enter our data that is: first name, last name, username (this will also be our e-mail address, which will have the form [email protected]) and of course a password,
  4. in the next window we enter: phone number (not required, but it will help us in case we lose access to our account. It is also not visible for other users), auxiliary e-mail address (also optional), date of birth and gender,
  5. in the next step we have to choose the personalization settings, accept privacy policy and regulations,

At this point the e-mail account has already been set up and is ready to use.

How to set up an e-mail somewhere else

Gmail in my opinion is a definite favorite when it comes to email, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use others or have several addresses. The process of setting up the mail will not be identical, but very similar. It is based mainly on providing data and choosing an e-mail address from the available pool. The chosen login of course can not be occupied by someone else.

How to set up an email with your own domain

An interesting option, especially for companies is also an e-mail address with its own domain. It looks much better and, above all, more professional. It is hard to imagine a company, which address would end with @gmail, etc. This does not mean, however, that private persons cannot use such a possibility.

Having your own website in principle there is no problem, because to operate it you need to have a purchased web domain and appropriate web hosting, and every hosting provider allows you to attach the email to the hosting for free. Of course, we can use free solutions, which, although have their drawbacks, also allow you to use this option. Let’s assume, however, that we do not have our own website, because those who have it certainly have already dealt with this subject long ago. So what we need to have in order to set up an email with your own domain?

  1. Internet domain (free or bought),
  2. web hosting (free or paid) or email service (the cost is usually several dozen PLN per year),

Internet domain

Internet domain is simply an address, which can be in the form of eg. . Having such a domain we can not only set up a mail with such an address (e.g. contact[at], but also use it to create your own website.

web hosting

Web hosting is a place where all the files necessary for the functioning of a website and email are stored.

Step by step

If we already have a domain and web hosting we can go to setting up an email account. The process itself will look slightly different, depending on the chosen hosting provider, but as an example let us use dhosting.

how to set up an e-mail address in dhosting

  1. we enter in the tab e-mail,
  2. click on new mailbox,
  3. we enter mailbox address in chosen domain and password (or we generate random one),
  4. you can also enter a telephone number, which will be used to recover the password (this is not required, however) and change the mailbox limits and the level of anti-spam,
  5. click on Add mailbox.

Basically, that’s it, so we can already enjoy a new e-mail address with its own domain. It can be accessed directly through the website of the hosting provider (in this case dhosting) and by configuring the email program.

How to set up a temporary mail

An interesting option is also the possibility of using a temporary e-mail, so it is worth mentioning. In fact, it is difficult to talk about its establishment, because just go to a special page. It is useful in situations when we want to create an account somewhere and we have to give an e-mail address and we do not plan to use it in the future e.g. we just want to check something. The principle of such a temporary e-mail is very simple: after entering the site you immediately get a ready-made e-mail address to which you have access (you can receive messages) for a specified amount of time (eg. until you close the tab). This way we do not have to set up a new e-mail if we do not want to give our main address at registration.

In the Internet you will find many sites offering such a function e.g.,, All we have to do is type the phrase &#8222 into the search engine;temporary e-mail„.

Email programs

We can access any email by going directly to the website where we set it up. An interesting solution, however, are special programs that allow you to receive mail from many addresses at once. In this way, we have access to all messages in one place and do not have to log on to multiple sites. This comes in handy especially if you have many different email accounts.

Popular programs for viewing email are:

  • Windows Live Mail,
  • Outlook Express,
  • Mozilla Thunderbird

Of course, there are many more, so if you do not like these we can look for others on sites where there are programs to download.

What will the email be useful for

Let’s not fool ourselves, nowadays a rather small percentage of people write themselves an e-mail (instead of sending letters). Definitely better for interpersonal communication are various types of messengers, but an email address is also basically necessary for us. It is hard to imagine functioning without e-mail, because practically every service in which we want to create an account requires from us to give an e-mail address. Without this, unfortunately, we will be very limited on the Internet.

Where you have set up your e-mail? Is one address enough for you or do you need more? Share your opinion in the comments.