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Driving a sports car on a track as a gift?

Driving a sports car provides a lot of excitement, especially if you like fast driving. Unfortunately, speeding on the road is not only punishable but also very dangerous. That is why sometimes it is worth deciding on Driving a sports car on a track, choosing from many available models. What’s more, this type of entertainment will also work great as a gift, if we just lack an idea. How much does it cost, what you should know and how to take advantage?

How to buy a ride in a sports car

If you want to buy a ride in a sports car for yourself or as a gift, you have to use the services of a company that deals with this. One of the best in this category is undoubtedly Devil-Cars.

Devil-Cars there are many fast cars on offer, and tracks suitable for the ride are spread all over Poland, so we should not have any problems with choosing a convenient location. It is worth noting that the offer includes not only rides in sports cars, but also rides in off-road vehicles on difficult terrain full of mud, sand and steep slopes.

Available cars

If you decide to drive a sports car, you can choose from a variety of really fast cars. Examples of cars, which are worth paying attention to, and you will find them in the offer are:

Car Power Acceleration to 100 Maximum speed Weight
Lamborghini Gallardo 560 km 3,4s 315 km/h 1630 kg
Ferrari F430 490 km 3,9s 315 km/h 1525 kg
Nissan GTR 549 km 3,7s 310 km/h 1745 kg
Porsche 911 Carrera 319 km 4,8s 302 km/h 1570 kg
Ford Mustang 421 km 4,8s 250 km/h 1659 kg
Audi R8 525 km 3,6s 314 km/h 1560 kg
BMW M4 450 km 4,3s 255 km/h 1615 kg

Where are the tracks

The tracks are located all over Poland, and the cities in which they can be found are: M, M, M, M and Koszalin, Gdańsk, Olsztyn, Bialystok, Torun, Bednary, Poznan, Warsaw, Boat, Wroclaw, Radom, Lublin, Krakow. As you can see we shouldn’t have bigger problems with getting to the track from practically any city in Poland.

When it comes to tracks – asphalt and concrete prevail, but in the offer you will also find a route running in the woods, that is Bialystok Offroad. It is a road running on difficult terrain full of numerous climbs, steep slopes, mud and sand. On this route we will of course only drive off-roaders with 4×4 drive.

What a ride in a fast car on the track looks like

You can drive a sports car on the track both as a driver and a passenger. This first option will certainly provide us with much more excitement, but choosing to drive a car as a passenger you can save some money, because the option with a driver is much cheaper. It is also worth noting that for some vehicles (e.g. V-Storm), it is possible to drive 2 people at a time.

As the cars are really fast, before each ride we have to go through a short training about safety, vehicle handling and track specifications.

How much does a ride in a sports car on a race track cost??

The price of a ride in a sports car varies greatly, so it is hard to give a range. This is because everything depends on several factors:

  • cars of your choice,
  • number of laps on the track,
  • whether we are going as a driver or a passenger.

Of course, we must also be aware that this type of entertainment is not the cheapest, so the price varies from a few hundred zlotys to even a few thousand. Below you can find some examples of options that we can find in Devil-Cars company, just to have some idea:

Auto Number of laps Track Price driver / passenger
Lamborghini Gallardo 1 Poznań Main Circuit 799 PLN / 599 PLN
Lamborghini Gallardo 3 Main track Poznań 1799 zł / 1559 zł
Audi R8 1 Cracow 299 PLN / 199 PLN
Audi R8 3 Cracow 699 zł / 519 zł
BMW M4 1 Torun 299 PLN / 199 PLN
BMW M4 3 Toruń 699 PLN / 519 PLN

Instead of taking a larger number of laps, it is sometimes worth paying attention to the so-called. duel cars, that allow you to drive two different cars on a track to compare them. This variant comes out slightly more favorable than buying rides separately, and in addition we will ride different cars.

For example let’s take the Koszalin track and cars Nissan GTR and Audi R8. The price for one ride for both cars is the same and is 299 PLN. Deciding on the mentioned „duel” we pay only 539 PLN, so we save 59 PLN. Although it is not a huge savings, but it is worth knowing about this opportunity.

Sports car ride as a gift

If you decide to give someone a ride as a gift, you don’t have to choose a car or a track right away. The gifted person can decide himself on which track and which car will be driven. We just give the person a gift card for a certain amount. Interestingly, the person who receives such a gift can also pay the missing amount if he or she decides to drive a more expensive car. This possibility of additional payment for the voucher is a big advantage, because the gifted person does not have to choose from the offer limited to a certain amount. It is worth adding that such a card is valid for a relatively long period of time, so such a gift does not have to be used at once.

A ride on the track in your own car

It is also interesting to drive your own car, and some tracks allow you to do so. The big advantage of this solution is that we do not pay for the lap, but for the time we spend on the track. Of course this option is much more beneficial, but unfortunately not everyone has a car that can be used to „play on the track. For example: the price for 2 hours of driving on the track in Łódź starts from 159 PLN.

For whom driving a sports car on a track is a good idea?

Such a ride in a sports car on a track is in principle for everyone, who has a driving license (the exception is a ride as a passenger). However, automotive fans and people who simply like fast cars will be most happy with such a gift. This type of entertainment is an interesting way to spend free time, but certainly not everyone will have the same emotions.


A ride in a sports car is certainly original and interesting gift, although unfortunately it is not among the cheapest. Emotions will certainly not run out and will be remembered for a long time, so it is worth considering this option if you have a larger budget. Of course, you can also buy such a ride in a sports car just for yourself or go with friends. If you have a fast car and would like to go for a spin, the rental of the track itself is just as tempting.

Have you ever taken such a ride in a sports car on a race track?? Maybe you can give someone as a gift? Share your opinion in the comments.