Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Live Chat

Live Chat It is a tool that allows company representatives to communicate in real time with people visiting the website. These can be specially hired people or outsiders. It is definitely a better form of communication than e-mail or telephone.

How to add Live Chat to your website

First of all in order to have Live Chat on the website you will need appropriate application which will allow you to manage all this efficiently. Mostly there are paid options, the price of which depends on the number of posts and additional features. A popular tool of this type is LiveChat, which is very easy to use using a computer. It also offers free trial period (30 days) to test it and it was built by Polish company LiveChat S.A.

Depending on the size of the website and traffic you will need people to support this Live Chat. You can either appoint or hire special employees for this, or you can operate it yourself, although this is only possible for smaller sites. For the larger ones you can also use the help of external companies that offer a team to handle it together with the corresponding application. One of those companies is BespokeChat.