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Online bookmakers

Bookmakers consist in predicting the result of a sports meeting or other event (such as presidential elections, etc.). The amount of win depends on the course for a given meeting and the amount put on it. You can bet not only the result itself but also specific events, such as. The result after half of the match is whether more/less than x goals, cards, who will shoot, etc. Registration with bookmakers i betting on matches It is possible only after the age of 18 and this is verified by sending a scan of the ID card.

Legal bookmakers – ranking

Traditional points taking bookmakers were once very popular. Until recently, virtually every experienced player has just used the services of a ground bookmaker. Currently, however, these points are replaced by bookmakers taking plants online. The pages presented below offer Legal online bookmakers.


Fortuna offers a welcome bonus up to PLN 1,000. For registration, we receive PLN 20 for a game and a plant without a risk of up to PLN 100.

STS bookmaker

STS offers a welcome bonus up to PLN 1,200. When registering, enter „ certain25 ” to receive an additional PLN 25 per game.

Other legal bookmakers in Poland are:

  • Millennium,
  • Star,
  • Totolotek s.AND.
  • E – Toto,
  • Forbet,
  • LV BET,
  • Totalbet.

This list is available on the website of the Ministry of Finance:

Bonuses at the bookmaker

In order to attract a large amount of volunteers, online bookmakers offer various bonuses for their users. Extremely attractive gratifications are waiting for new players, but promotions are also organized for regular customers. Most often they are deposit bonuses, e.g. in the amount of 50% or 100% of the maximum amount. The bookmaker adds a certain amount to the user’s account at one time, which can be used for plants. The type of bonus is also a special promotional voucher, allowing a one -time refund in the event of losing.

How to start betting on matches?

Before registering with a bookmaker, you need to know that gambling can lead to addiction and loss of money. On the website of each bookmaker, it is actually important above all the offers of courses and news, e.g. On the subject of promotion. However, before the user erects the first bet at an internet bookmaker, he must set up an account on the website. Having an account requires providing real personal data and the age of 18. After successful registration and receiving a confirming email, all you have to do is log in to your account. Then you can pay the first money to the bets using one of the available forms of online payment. Bookmakers via the Internet are completely safe. The login system is encrypted and has many security that is used in online banking.

What the betting looks like?

Just placing the plant is not a particularly difficult actions. In fact, it is based primarily on reading carefully all messages displaying on the screen. When the user’s money reaches his account, he can start choosing the bet. Then you only need to enter a specific rate and confirm the plant erecting. The appropriate summary message is usually displayed then. The plant is taken by the system if the selected rate does not exceed the limit set by the bookmaker. Sometimes it is required to put more events, about which the user is immediately informed.

Are online bookmakers online?

A person participating in illegal bookmakers is punishable by a fine of up to 120 daily rates, and this act is a tax offense. With ground points that take this type of betting, there is no such problem, but not all online platforms offer fully legal bookmakers. Despite the fact that most pages are available in Polish, it’s hard to find information about their legality there, so it’s worth knowing where you can legally bet. The use of internet platforms is more profitable than using the services of a ground bookmaker. This solution is also much more convenient, because all operations can be performed remotely, without leaving home.


Interestingly, we can also find on the Internet bookmakers from people who follow all statistics on an ongoing basis. Both free and demanding subscriptions are available. Of course, we must remember that bookmakers can be a source of information, but they do not give any guarantee. However, this may be a better way out than betting on matches, especially by completely beginners.

How else to earn money online?

Bookmakers, although they allow you to earn a lot of money in a short time, unfortunately they are also very risky. Even the person who watches selected matches, follows all statistics, etc. not a 100% guarantee that she will be able to correctly select the result of the meeting. Placing matches can be an interesting variety, but we cannot treat it as a permanent, certain source of income. Apart from bookmakers, it is also worth getting interested in other possibilities offered by the Internet.

How to earn money quickly


Online bookmakers have the advantage that we don’t have to leave the house to bet on a match or other event. Unfortunately, both internet and stationary plants do not constitute a certain source of income. It is also a form of gambling, so it can lead to addiction and you have to keep this in mind.

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