Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Newsletter and mailing – what is it?

Newsletter and mailing this is one of the forms of email marketing that is gaining more and more recognition. It’s a cheap and effective way to reach the customer and build permanent relations with him. What are they and what must be included in such messages to be legitimate?

Newsletter – what is it?

Newsletter is sent periodically and is used for constant communication with the clients. The purpose of sending such messages is to inform about news, offers or specific changes. What to keep in mind when preparing a newsletter:

  • It should have a fixed appearance and layout, but only changing content,
  • it is best to send them with the same frequency e.g. a specific day of the month or every specified time,
  • it is good if it also contains premium content that cannot be accessed by people who have not subscribed to the newsletter e.g. discounts.

Mailing – what is it?

Mailing is a one-time advertisement sent to a mailbox. The purpose of sending this type of message is not to build permanent relations, but only to inform about a particular product or encourage to purchase it. What are the characteristics of a good mailing:

  • less text and more graphics,
  • a specific purpose and subject of the message,
  • buttons encouraging to action e.g. „buy now”.

Newsletter and mailing – where to create and organize the mailing

Name The price depends on the address base (not the number of mailings).
freshmail 50 zł to 1400 zł
getresponse 50 zł to 1500 zł

What a newsletter and mailing must contain

First of all, for this type of messages, the recipient must have given his consent at some point. Otherwise it’s just SPAM, which nobody wants to see in their mailbox. Well, but if there must be consent and the ability to resign at any time also. Such a link, which writes out the subsequent uploads is, therefore, an essential element of any message of this type. It is usually placed in the footer next to the sender’s contact information and it has also been a RODO requirement for some time now. What else to put in the footer:

  • sender’s contact information,
  • information who the personal data administrator is,
  • the purpose and legal basis for the processing of personal data,
  • information about the recipient’s right to inspect, change or delete data, withdraw consent to processing of personal data.

In fact, not only newsletter and mailing must contain these elements, but also all other messages related to email marketing.