Wed. Jun 19th, 2024 – file hosting reviews is a service offering free file hosting, thanks to which we can earn – both on the sale of premium accounts, as well as on uploading. Although the service is relatively new and many people may not be familiar with it yet, but it is certainly worth getting interested. How the download looks like and what you should know about the site?

How does it look like to download files from the

Using the Send is free, so just placing files on the server and downloading them does not require payment of additional fees. After registration we automatically become the owner of a free account, which unfortunately has some limitations. These, however, we can abolish by deciding to purchase a premium account. What are the characteristics of the different types of accounts?

Free account

  • transfer limits for downloading or uploading a file,
  • the total size of the stored files can not exceed 1 TB,
  • the size of a single uploaded file can not exceed 10 GB,
  • maximum 1 download at a time,
  • maximum 3 downloads per day,
  • The download speed limit is 300 kb/s,
  • files stored by the user are deleted after 30 days from the time of placing them on the account (downloading the file resets the counter),
  • possible advertising on user account.

Premium account

  • downloading at the maximum possible speed, depending on the network infrastructure,
  • no limit on the total size of files that can be stored,
  • the size of a single uploaded file cannot exceed 20 GB,
  • unlimited number of simultaneous downloads,
  • no limit to downloading files,
  • no ads on user's account,
  • user files are removed only after 90 days from the moment of uploading (downloading the file resets the counter).

The price of a premium account depends on the period for which you buy it and is as follows:

price list of

Interestingly, the operation of the premium account can be tested free for 7 days, and only then decide on a possible purchase.

Other services offering file hosting

file hosting is undoubtedly one of the most interesting services of this type, but of course not the only one. Although it features a relatively low price for the purchase of a premium account and allows you to make money on uploaded content, but sometimes others may be useful. Especially if we decide to monetize the upload.

Earning with

In the affiliate program of the service we can earn in 3 ways:

  • getting a commission of 20% (or 10%) from each premium account purchased through our reflink,
  • by sharing files that will be downloaded by other users,
  • by selling premium accounts in the reseller program.

It is worth mentioning that cookies are stored for 7 days, so we will get paid even if the person does not make a purchase immediately after entering the site, but returns within 7 days.

Selling premium accounts

Reflink to earn on the direct purchase of a premium account can be found in the tab „affiliate program”. Interestingly, we can use both a general link (to the homepage), as well as the one directing to a specific file, which was shared by us. However, if a user buys a premium account by going to a site with a file, we will get only 10% of the commission (20% if it is the main site).

Earnings from the sale of premium accounts are credited to the balance every 30 days and only then are available for withdrawal.

Downloads of files

In the service, we also earn for each download of a file we make available. However, it is worth noting that the earnings in the affiliate program include only files over 10MB. Below is a table showing the rates for 1000 downloads.

Group 0-250MB 250-500MB 500MB-1GB 1GB+
A 10 zł 17 zł 25 zł 45 zł
B 10 zł £15 20 zł 30 PLN
C 10 zł 12,50 zł 15 zł 20 zł
D 9 zł 11,50 zł 13,50 zł 17,50 zł
E 8 zł 10 zł 12 PLN 15 zł
F 6 zł 8 zł 10 zł 12 zł
G 0 zł 0 zł 0 zł 0 zł
  • A: Poland,
  • B: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Austria,
  • C: Slovenia, Slovakia, Norway, Netherlands, Hungary, France, Czech Republic,
  • D: United States, Ukraine, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Iceland, Gibraltar, Denmark, Cyprus, Canada, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • E: Russia, Monaco, Malta, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria,
  • F: Greece, Georgia, Finland, Croatia,
  • G: Other.

Earnings from downloading files are credited to your balance each night.

Reseller program

Reseller program principle from is very simple. We buy codes with discount up to 35% and we sell them individually deciding on their price. As for the discount that we are entitled to, it depends on the number of codes purchased at one time:

  • 1-99 codes – 25% discount,
  • 100 – 299 codes – 30% discount,
  • 300 – 1000 codes – 35% discount.

how to start an online store

It is worth noting that the requirement for joining the reseller program is having an online store or an account on one of the auction services. But fortunately it's not a big problem – both for the first and second option.

Withdrawal from

Withdrawal from the Send. com we can order after we have collected on balance at least 20 zł. It is usually carried out within up to 14 working days, although in the case of a large number of withdrawals – this time may be slightly longer. We have PayPal and a bank account at our disposal.


PayPal is undoubtedly the most popular online wallet to have right now. Thanks to it we can not only withdraw money to our bank account but also use the accumulated funds for direct payments in many online stores.

bank account ranking

Bank account is nowadays owned by almost everyone, because it is difficult to imagine normal life without it. However, not everyone knows that a simple change of bank can also earn – at least several hundred. That is why it is not worth sticking to one institution, because usually only new clients can count on additional benefits and bonuses.