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Product testing – Can you earn?

Manufacturers of cosmetics and quickly transferable goods are increasingly looking for alternative forms of promotion, thanks to which they can reach the largest number of recipients with their products. One of the ways to acquire new customers are free samples or Product testing, which is commissioned to a selected group of consumers. What is being a tester and where to get such products?

Product testing – how does it look like?

Product testing is a form of promotion, so it is most often associated with whispered marketing. A group of customers registered in agencies specializing in marketing recommendations, receives selected products for the home.

What testing products will we receive

As part of the parcel, we get full -fledged products, which are M.in. Cosmetics, powders or washing fluids, shampoos and conditioners, creams, but also economic chemistry, instant dishes or animal food. Together with the product for ourselves, we also get a set of products to give to friends and family. Usually these are samples or smaller packages of the same products that we received for ourselves. The same shipment may also include leaflets or additional materials that will be a source of information, which we should pay attention to when talking to other, often potential customers.


Our duties as a product tester Products also include talks with other consumers. They can take place both virtually through social media and in the real world, when we can also give someone free products samples to test or offer a leaflet with information. Each such conversation must be divorced, which is done through a special online form, made available to members of a given promotional campaign.

For a company that orders testing products, every opinion related to the product is important. This applies to both its smell, effectiveness and information about the packaging or its capacity. This kind of information can be easily obtained from consumers who test a given product at home and who want to share their experience.

Product testing by script

It is worth remembering that testing cosmetics or other products can also take place in a slightly different environment. Some companies, especially those who want to launch a new product, reach for the possibilities of focus groups. Testing a given product takes place here in accordance with the assumed scenario, and the discussion moderator asks questions ordered by the manufacturer. During the focus group, all participants’ statements are recorded, which allows you to familiarize themselves with the natural reactions of the participants of such a meeting.

This type of promotion is very often called WOMM, i.e. whispered marketing. Product testing is the most important part in it, because selected agents are to talk about the product in accordance with their own feelings. Along with the possibility of testing products, we are obliged to share our opinion about the tested product, but also about the campaign itself or about the shipment in which we received products. Although the most common testing of full -fledged products is not associated with receiving additional gratification in the form of cash, we can receive special discount or discount coupons that will allow you to buy selected products cheaper.

Where to get products for testing

It is worth following your favorite brands on social profiles and visiting their official websites, because this type of information often appears there.

We can also try to use websites that allow you to get to testing cosmetics and other products.


TRND is one of the best websites of this type in which we will find many interesting projects.

Often, these types of tasks and testing products can also be found in survey panels, where we can additionally earn on completing surveys. Below are such survey panels.

Opinions PL

Reviews.PL is a survey panel in which only adults can register.

TGM Panel

TGM Panel allows you to register after the age of 16.

Toluna surveys

Toluna allows you to register after the age of 16.


Mobrog is a survey panel in which only adults can register.

Often, influencers also receive products and cosmetics for free, as part of the barter.

Whether product testing will work as an additional work?

Testing cosmetics or other products will definitely not work as normal work, and even as an additional work. In most cases, the cash amounts that we can receive are not large, and most often we will not receive them at all. We must then be content with only products received for free or gift cards. When looking for an extra job.

Additional casual work

We can earn a salary in various ways, and many of them may turn into a job in the future, which is able to replace work full -time.

Where else to get free cosmetics?

Everyone likes to receive something for free, even if they are only free samples. This is a great way to promote selected products, so quite a lot of companies decide on this form of advertising. Most often, free samples are distributed at various events, but we can also get them on the Internet. We can also often choose free samples in online stores, which will be included in the next order. or e.g. for the entry to the newsletter.

Being a tester way to save?

Being a tester allows you to save a bit on some products, and their testing sometimes also guarantees additional money. However, this is not a rule, because in most cases we only receive various types of vouchers. However, when you save money, it is also worth paying attention to other ways.

how to save money

Saving money is relatively simple if we just get it. We often don’t even realize how much money it escapes through the ill -considered decisions. It is enough that we change a few habits, and in the long run we save a considerable amount.


Free samples and product testing are an interesting way that allows you to save some items. When receiving products for free. Sometimes being a tester allows you to earn additionally, but unfortunately we usually don’t get money for it, but only vouchers to use in selected stores. However, this is also an interesting form of remuneration that will allow you to buy more products without spending money.

You have any experience with product testing? Share the opinion in the commentary.

3 Comments to “Product testing – Can you earn?”

I once tested a series of a certain brand. I was curious what it looks like. I went to a stationary store and asked the person who worked there if it would be possible. I was lucky because a new series was released. I had to complete the survey on the spot regarding my skin, its condition, etc. After a few days at the point I had a package prepared. I tested cosmetics by being excluded, while leading a kind of „ Dzienieczek ”. Finally, I gave the diary at the point and filled the survey again by posting valuable information in it. It was a very positive experience, because I could comment on everything, from the smell to the consistency and performance of a given product. Minuses? Are. Some of the friends who also took part in similar actions complained about various allergies, which they allegedly received after using „ unwashed ” products. Personally, I don’t complain.

Product testing is a nice thing so repair you use cosmetics for free all the time. I have never tested personally, I once registered on some testing page but so far nothing came to me only to the Gmail post I am sending me new products. It is nice that nothing is paid for it, only apparently you have to give a review of products.

Personally, I have had accounts on several pages for several years, where I can test products for free. Safe and safe pages are an expert.streetcom.PL and TRND.com.

I recommend it with a clear conscience.

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