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How to earn on instagram

Everyone knows that you can earn money using the YT channel, your own websites, etc., But not everyone is aware of the fact that earning is also possible on Instagram. Some people certainly wonder how it is possible, since the popular Instagram is „ only ” application for storing photos and videos. In fact, a basic idea about internet marketing is enough and we can already earn on Instagram. How to start and what we should know?

Where to start?

First of all, to start earning on Instagram, we must have an account there and download the application. However, it is popular enough – Especially among younger users that some can skip this step (those who already have an account set up). Other people will have to register, but the whole process is very efficient. What's more, having an account on Facebook ’ U, we can use them to log in to Instagram without setting up a new one.

The second thing, if we want to earn, are, of course, observers that we have to get somehow. Good photos alone are not everything, and often we even have to demonstrate activity on other profiles so that other users see, and most importantly – They observed our profile. However, once we get the right amount of „ followers ” We can go to earning on Instagram using the following proposals.

How to earn on instagram – 5 ideas

Everyone, at least a bit orientation in the subject, knows that on Instagram we will find both very popular accounts (hundreds of thousands and even millions of observers) and the ordinary „. Interestingly, virtually every account can be used to earn – Even if we don't have thousands of followers. The only thing we have to take into account then of course is less money, but it is still worth getting interested in the subject. Especially since the ranges of such a profile can be constantly expanding to earn even more as time passed.

Sponsored content

The simplest method of earning on Instagram is to create sponsored content, and the idea of such a system is simple. We place favorable opinions of products or services of an entity interested in cooperation with us, and he pays us for it. The condition for the success of this method is the ability to introduce discrete, unobtrusive advertising content to the materials made available on the account. Otherwise.

In the case of very popular accounts, advertisers will report themselves to be able to include such content. However, earning on Instagram is also possible for accounts with fewer observers. Regardless of the number of followers. What?


Whitepress is the most popular service of this type in Poland, so many advertisers use it.


Reachablogger has a much smaller user base, but it is constantly developing, so it's worth giving him a chance.

Partner programs and affiliate networks

partner programs

Earning on Instagram is also possible thanks to partner programs and affiliation. To simplify, this method involves promoting someone's products using your own account in the service. Interestingly, obtaining entities whose services or products we would advertise is not so difficult at all. All we have to do is register in a selected program or affiliate network and we can already promote with special links.

Sale of photos

Since Instagram is a great internet „ photo bank ”, we can also sell them to the relevant entities. However, such a method requires a lot of experience in the field of photography, because hardly anyone will buy some blurred photos from the party. Therefore, when deciding on this method, it is worth remembering about proper tagging of photos and about the fact that there are special pages on which we can Sell photos from Instagram. These are among others Twenty20 and Community foap.

Promotion of your own business

business idea

Using Instagram, we can also successfully conduct traditional internet marketing, which will then translate into the increased popularity of our brand. In this way, we have a chance to attract new customers for our services and products.

Account sale

Of course, we can also sell the entire Instagram account. Its value depends on the number of observers and will increase as the number of people interested in the content we provided increases. Undoubtedly, there will be willing people to pay specific money for a prosperous account. However, it is worth considering any possible sale before, because a popular profile can guarantee disputes and, above all, regular income in the long run. Unless we really don't want to keep a profile, sales can be a better solution than deleting an Instagram account.

How much can you earn on Instagram?

For many, certainly the most important issue, i.e How much can you earn on Instagram? Earnings are very diverse and depend primarily on the popularity of the account and the involvement of the recipients. Influencers with millions of followers earn amounts that allow you to give up any other gainful work and live at a very high level. People known outside of Instagram, such as e.g. athletes or celebrities. Of course, this does not mean that everyone who is just starting their adventure with social media cannot earn. Admittedly, these will not be stunning amounts, but it may turn out that it will be a pretty good way to earn some extra money, so it's definitely worth a try.

How many instagram observers do you need to earn

Question „How many instagram observers do you need to earn” He inflicts many people. Admittedly, we will not find any specific number anywhere, but it is on the number of followers that the main earnings depend. Therefore, basically everyone can start, although having an unpopular account, we have to take into account much smaller rates. However, it is worth trying and get more observers if possible.

Applications and pages for acquiring observers on Instragram

Instagram's popularity meant that applications and websites quickly appeared on the market, whose task is to get observers, and basically „ punching the meter ”. I am talking about punching, because the followers obtained in this way are usually not real users, and most often accounts set up only to observe someone's profile and earn on it. Admittedly, we can pour some observers in this way so that the profile looks more popular, but it will not translate into conversion. Therefore, when you start making money on Instagram.

Where to earn as an influencer and what to connect instagram with

influencer - who is and how to stay

Instagram is an interesting application to earn money as an influencer, but also not the only one. Therefore, it is also worth using the others, because by connecting them we can stand out much faster. The second thing is that in the long run we can count on even better results, because each profile can generate a separate income.


Earning money on Instagram is gaining popularity, and being a well -known influencer is certainly the work of many people's dreams – especially young people. Admittedly, getting the right number of observers to talk about satisfactory earnings is not easy, but it's definitely worth a try.

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I am thinking about setting up a special account on Instagram, where I would contribute more in terms of obtaining observers. Who knows, maybe someday I can earn something on it? I also use FOAP, quite a pleasant application, you can also view photos of other people, evaluate them, take part in competitions – I highly recommend 🙂

Earnings on Instagram are easier for girls in my opinion, they are prettier, shapely 😀 Many boys like this type of posts, which makes such girls easily promote themselves. Accounts can be sold or advertised on them various products. In my opinion, this is a great way to earn for women

If you are famous, you have a lot of followers, then less known or more famous brands and companies themselves speak to you and will send you their product to promote, of course, if you experience your consent and you will insert as if advertising or advertise their product on Instagram . But you have to be of legal age and send you money to your bank account .

You are fit, you want to show your progress and diet, which you are able to arrange yourself, you can start to earn and have sponsors in the form of nutrients or sports clothes. People who like fashion and show their wardrobe, well -known motorcyclists and other automotive enthusiasts, photography enthusiasts who show their photos and travels to take interesting photographs. There are many options but ordinary „ Szarak ” Rather, it won't earn so.

It is very cool to promote but it's hard to find me at least a small group of people with similar interests as I am. For almost everyone, what I have to convey, write and say is not very interesting and even boring. And after this website is black magic for me, and I would like to have my own website, but deviating from beaten standards. I associate promoting specific products by social portals more with a cross or with Avon.