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Ranking of bank accounts

Is it possible to function nowadays without a bank account?? Even if the answer to the question posed above was yes, it would actually be wrong. After all, currently virtually no employer as part of the salary does not pay cash, and if this would take place, it would be a rare situation. What’s more, banks even offer accounts for children, so it’s hard to imagine adults who wouldn’t have one. However, choosing the right one is not easy, so to quickly compare several offers it is worth using bank accounts ranking.

Ranking of bank promotions

bank promotions

If we are considering a few banks and we hesitate with the choice, it is always worth checking the current bank promotions, thanks to which we will receive extra money for opening an account in the bank. Most often it is at least a few hundred zloty, which can be a great addition to the household budget.

It is worth noting that such promotions recur regularly, so on a good note we can also make opening accounts an additional source of irregular income and earn on banks. It is enough that we change it from time to time to get a bonus. Of course, after some time we can return to the bank in which we once had an account to once again receive money for opening an account. The only thing we have to do is to check in the regulations how long the grace period is (usually half a year or a year).

Comparison and current ranking of bank accounts

However bank promotions concern mainly personal accounts, and there are of course definitely more of them. As each account is different, the factors that determine its choice will also differ. Below is a comparison and ranking of bank accounts, depending on the specific choice.

Ranking of free bank accounts

free bank account

Free bank account has only basic functionality, but for most people it is enough. The main advantage of such account is obviously lack of fees for running it and using the card.

Ranking of personal accounts

personal accounts ranking

Personal account is one of the basic tools, and the choice of the best one should depend on our individual expectations. Everyone has different needs e.g. free withdrawals from all ATMs in the world, free express transfers or more favorable exchange rates. Unlike free accounts, most often we have to pay for its ownership, but in some situations it may be more beneficial, for example. if we often use foreign ATMs.

Ranking of savings accounts

savings account

Savings account, as the name suggests, is designed to save money, so it is characterized by additional interest on deposited funds. This type of account is a good solution for people who do not spend everything on a regular basis and after each month have additional funds at their disposal.

Ranking of accounts for young people

account for the young

Account for the young is a great solution for teenagers, because due to their age they can not yet have a standard account in the bank. Such an account is useful not only for better control of finances, but sometimes also to collect wages, as working for minors via the Internet is also possible. Interestingly, such an account can also be opened by students, as the maximum age for this type of offer is usually 26 years.

Ranking of business accounts

business account

A business account is designed for companies and provides a number of additional benefits. What is important, they can be opened not only by large companies, but also by people running a sole proprietorship. It is often necessary to open a business account, as some banks do not allow you to use your personal account for transactions related to your business.

Why you should use comparison and ranking of accounts

Looking for the best offer on our own, we would have to visit many websites or branches. Using ranking of bank accounts we can quickly and easily compare different offers and immediately submit an appropriate application. What’s more, many offers in one place and the ability to open a bank account without leaving home is a big time saver and, above all, convenience.

What a comparison and ranking of bank accounts should contain?

Depending on the choice of a particular type of account, such a ranking of bank accounts will contain completely different information. What the comparison engine should take into account in a particular case?

  • savings account – the most important thing is the interest rate, i.e. the interest we earn by keeping money on such an account,
  • personal account – usually the main criterion is the fees for maintaining such an account, so the choice usually falls on the free ones. The exceptions are people who have specific requirements e.g. make a lot of non-standard transfers. Here paid bank accounts may be a better choice,
  • business account Accounts of this type offer various bonuses, which are worth analysing when choosing a particular offer. This can be for example. practically all accounts of this type are free of charge, but sometimes they offer various types of discounts to their owners, such as free online accounting or cheaper fuel. Free transfers to the Tax Office are a standard feature, but it is also worth paying attention to foreign transfers, although obviously not all companies will need such functionality,
  • account for the young – practically all accounts of this type are free of charge, but sometimes they offer various types of discounts to their holders, e.g. to the cinema.

Which account will be the best?

Which account to choose and which bank account will be the best? The answer to this question is not simple at all, because it depends on many factors. On the one hand, they may concern bank offers, on the other hand, they may concern our individual preferences. However, we can say with certainty that the offers of banks are so diverse that every interested person will choose an option that meets their expectations. If you are afraid of making a decision on your own, you can always ask your financial advisor for help.

The most popular bank accounts

People who want to use the services of a bank have a variety of different types of bank accounts available to them, and thus can make a choice that meets their expectations one hundred percent. The most popular and most frequently used bank accounts include checking (current and auxiliary), savings, savings and checking and trust accounts.

What to look for when choosing an account?

Although from the point of view of pure economics, when choosing a personal ROR account we should be guided by the criterion of the lowest possible fees for banking services. It turns out, however, that different social groups select their personal accounts according to completely different criteria. We can draw such conclusions from a study conducted in 2016 by Acxiom Poland and Radio PiN 102 FM.

A vast majority of the respondents of the above mentioned survey are guided when choosing a bank by its convenient location. As many as 74% of the survey participants consider this aspect to be very important. Interestingly, easy access to e-banking services is also very important when choosing a bank account. As many as 99 percent of respondents considered using a smartphone or tablet to access their bank account as an important factor in choosing a bank account. In turn, access to online banking in general was found to be important to 68 percent of respondents.

It is also worth noting that bank account selection criteria change with age. For those who have not yet exceeded 30. age, place great emphasis on a positive image of the bank, attractive promotional offers and additional services, e.g. moneyback. The advantageous location of a bank outlet is an argument stressed above all by pensioners.

How a bank account works

A bank account is opened on the basis of a contract between the bank and the account holder(s). The owner of such an account has the privilege of being able to manage the funds in any way he/she chooses. Restrictions on this would be possible if they were set during the signing of the contract.

Regardless of the type of account, the bank is obliged to respect bank secrecy and ensure the safety of all the funds. As a bank account holder we need to be sure that our money is properly protected.

Summary and opinions

The undoubted advantage of such a ranking of bank accounts is a comparison of many offers in one place, and this makes things much easier. In this way we can not only save a lot of time comparing offers on our own, but also send the appropriate application online right away. It is worth noting that the use of such a ranking allows you to open a bank account practically without leaving home. Importantly, not only will you send your application online, but you will also receive a signed contract right to your doorstep if you wish to do so.

You use the rankings? What are your considerations when choosing a bank account? Share your opinions in the comments.