Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Fileshark – service reviews and description

Fileshark was a fully automated and functional file storage, sharing and downloading service. Its resources could be used by both unregistered people and those who have registered or bought a premium account. Unfortunately, this service also stopped working, so there are only alternative services.

Alternatives to Fileshark

file hosting

Fileshark was a very interesting service, because it had inexpensive premium accounts and allowed you to earn on shared files. However, as it no longer works we can only choose one of the alternative services. Fortunately there is a choice – regardless of whether you want to download only or make money on uploading.

Fileshark – how to download?

Unfortunately, the service does not have its own built-in search engines, so the only way to download a particular file is to use a link leading to it. The download itself is very simple and basically limited to clicking on the link and choosing the option of free download or premium account. We can look for such links for example. on special forums, where people upload them in order to make money on it.

Unregistered User

A person who has not registered with the service can browse the content of web pages included in the site and download files limited to 150 kb/s speed. The unregistered user also has to wait 60 seconds for data to start downloading and – if he wants to download more files – wait 60 minutes, wanting to download another file.

People who upload data to the service can only upload one file at a time. There is a file size limit of 1024 MB, or 1 GB. If you do not have a registered account, you also have to take into account that your data will be deleted if it has not been downloaded at least once during the last 30 days.

User registered

The user, who has a free account, can browse the content of the service, download data from the maximum speed is 150 kb/s and – just like an unregistered user – must Wait 60 seconds to start the download and wait 60 minutes to download the next file.

The changes in comparison to the unregistered users consist in introducing the possibility of sharing as many as 20 files at the same time. What is more, their maximum size is 10 GB. In addition, a person who has registered with the service may have an account with a maximum capacity of 8 TB.

Premium account

The user who has a Premium account can download files without any restrictions (unless they are on the side of the uploader). You also do not have to wait for the service to make your data available. The big advantage of having a Premium account is the possibility to download up to 20 files simultaneously and the option to continue interrupted downloads (e.g. due to loss of link stability).

It is also worth noting that the files on the premium account are stored for the entire period for which such account was purchased and 30 consecutive days. Active files (regularly downloaded by other users) are not removed by the service.

The cost of a premium account depends on the time for which you buy it. They can be purchased for a period of 3 days (6.99 PLN) to a year (260 PLN).

Additional tools also cooperates with Jdownloader, It is an application that enables advanced acceleration of data downloading. This tool has advanced features that allow you to integrate the application with your account.

Earning in Fileshark

Fileshark also has a dedicated affiliate program that allows you to earn in 3 different ways:

  • downloading shared data. The rates for each 1000 downloads are precisely defined in the service and include only those users who have registered their accounts (it is even 100 PLN per 1000 downloads).
  • selling premium accounts (50% of the purchase amount and 25% for each renewal).
  • MIX – combines both plans above giving 50% of their base rates.

Opinions about Fileshark

In conclusion, is a functional, cost-effective and, above all, developing service, providing safe data storage in the network. It has relatively inexpensive premium accounts, so it's definitely worth knowing. Great for people who plan to share files and make a profit from it. The only thing missing is a lack of percentage earnings from people invited to the program, because the service does not provide such functionality at all. All that's left to do is act on your own.

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