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Financial freedom – What is it and how to achieve it?

The vision of constant work, until retirement, definitely does not be optimistic, although unfortunately most people await such fate. However, this is, as a rule, this is not due to the lack of possibilities, but only from a lack of motivation and adequate determination. Currently, hardly anyone can enjoy financial freedom and enjoy life without devoting their precious time to earning money. What’s more, contrary to appearances, achieving such a state is not reserved only for people who were born in wealthy families, but also for hardworking and focused on achieving the assumed goal. So what is it financial freedom and how to achieve it?

Financial freedom – What is it?

Financial freedom is the possibility of completely covering all monthly expenses without the need for any paid work. The money obtained comes entirely from earned earlier passive income, which constantly brings profits and does not require our activity. It is a state that is undoubtedly worth striving to gain more free time for a family or for your own pleasures.

How to build financial freedom

Before we start to strive for financial freedom. This is important because everyone has completely different needs. You can earn a lot, but you spend everything immediately and never achieve financial freedom. Therefore, it is worth starting by calculating the cost of living to know how much money we need, and only then go to the achievement of the goal. Such calculations are nothing but planning home budget.

What is the household budget

how to plan your home budget

The household budget is a list of expenses and revenues in a given time, e.g. month, year etc. When planning it, we can find out What is the cost of our lives and thus gain better control over finance.

Ideas for passive income

Passive income

The next step that will allow you to achieve financial freedom is to ensure passive income. It is not easy and often requires some financial outlays, but it is undoubtedly worth trying for it. Not only for the final financial freedom, but also as an additional source of income before we achieve it.

What work makes it easier to achieve financial freedom?

MLM network marketing

If you want to achieve financial freedom, it is also worth paying attention to work that can make this process a bit easier. One of them is MLM, in which we can build a network of colleagues. Thanks to this, apart from the profit generated in person, we can also count on the income from the sale of the partners subordinate to us, which we have in our structure.

Does financial freedom mean wealth?

Many people are certainly associated with wealth for many people, but it’s not the same. You can earn a lot of money, but if they come mainly from work performed every day, we cannot talk about financial freedom here. It also doesn’t matter if we do it for someone else or run our own company. Nevertheless, running your own business is a good way to achieve financial freedom, if at some stage of its development all obligations will rest with colleagues.

Who can achieve it?

In financial freedom can be achieved by virtually anyone, although not everyone has enough determination in them. What’s more, although it may seem so, it is not reserved only for entrepreneurs or people born in wealthy families. Admittedly, such people have much easier and can achieve this condition much faster, but in no way it crosses the chances of full -time jobs. We can work normally for some time and gradually approach the goal, e.g. investing money from salary. In this way, we have a chance to lead to a situation that the full -time will turn out to be unnecessary and we will be able to give it up to persist only from passive income.

How much you need to earn a month?

It is hard to answer this question, because for every person financial freedom means something completely different. This is due to the fact that people have different needs and expenses, and It does not depend on how much we earn, but how we spend. The most important thing in this case is that the income exceeds the expenses and at the same time allows some savings.

For one income of PLN 5,000 a month will be sufficient to achieve financial freedom. For the second, only reaching a ceiling of 20,000 a month will be such an indicator. Therefore, everyone has to approach this issue individually and think about how much money they need to live at the current level and put something away.

Financial freedom and independence

Financial freedom is often confused with independence, although these are two different concepts. ABOUT financial independence We can speak when we accumulate such property and income that we can live independently of anyone. We are talking here not only about family members, but also employer, situation in the country, etc. In this situation, only a few are currently found, because it is not so easy to achieve such a state.


It is worth striving for financial freedom for various reasons. Not only to ensure a better future, but also gain more free time. This, in turn, can be devoted to the family or for our own pleasures. Of course, reaching this often requires time and great determination, but everyone is able to achieve it. It is definitely worth at least thinking about it and trying.

You strive for financial freedom? Maybe you have already achieved it? Share the opinion in the commentary.