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Online roulette – where to play legally?

In Poland, there are many people who like risk and gambling, although they are associated with considerable risk. One of the most popular games in this category is undoubtedly a roulette, which is available both in stationary casinos and on the Internet. Unfortunately, in Poland it is different in terms of legality, so before we play the game, it is worth making sure that we do it according to the law. What are the rules of the game and where online roulette It is legal in Poland?

Roulette – what is this?

Roulette is a gambling game, which can be found in virtually every casino. It is also often called „ Satan’s game ” because the sum of all numbers in roulette gives the number 666. Is played in two systems:

  • European (advantage over the player is 2.7%) – has an additional field marked with the number „ 0 ”,
  • American (advantage over the player is 5.26%) – It not only has „ 0 ”, but also an additional field marked „ 00 ”. They were added to make the casino get rich faster, but currently this version of the game is banned in most US territory

Depending on the version, it is on the table 37 (1-36 and 0) or 38 (1-36, 0 and 00) numbers.

Game rules

After placing the table by the players (placing tokens in specific fields), the dealer puts in the roulette, and in the opposite direction he throws a ball. After a dozen or so turns, the ball stops on a specific number. Sometimes, for variety, players can be betting after a ball of a ball, but they must be able to speak the words by Krupier „Rien ne va plus” (end of betting) or its equivalent in regional language. This usually happens when the ball loses its impetus and begins to fall towards the spinning wheel.

Principles of betting in roulette

A wide range of plants is available in roulette:

  • Simple chances (red or black, even or odd, low (1-18) or high (19-37)). Winning in this case is 1: 1 so you will win as much as you bet. The presence of zero makes the chance to win is 18/37 or ok. 48.6%.
  • Multiple chances This is a much lower chance of winning but also a greater potential win. It all depends on the probability of a given event.

How much can you win by focusing on individual combinations?:

  • A single number is to win 35 times the amount set,
  • Two numbers are the winning of the 17-fold amount,
  • Three numbers are the winning of the 11-fold amount,
  • Four numbers are a win of the 8-fold amount,
  • Six numbers are 5 times the amount set,
  • dozen (1-12 or 13-24 or 25-36) is a 2x won larger than the amount set up,
  • The column (the numbers on the table are arranged in 3 columns) is a 2x winner than the amount set.

There is also a bet „ 0 ”, which has its own rules. If all the plants fall out to a single number are lost, and for those put on individual numbers there are two options:

  • The player loses half of the plant,
  • The player is sent „ to prison ” – The plant remains in place until the next throw.

Legal online roulette in Poland

Unfortunately, current regulations not only prohibit, but also block access to most gambling games on the Internet, so also roulette. However, there is one legally operating online casino in Poland, which has the appropriate permission of the Minister of Finance to conduct this type of activity, namely – Total Casino.

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