Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

How the basics of looking for work have changed in the wake of the pandemic.

Wondering how to find a job in this day and age when the world is changing so fast that you don’t have time to notice? The virus and the associated changes in daily life and work have affected everyone and have had a significant impact on the current state of the job market.

It is difficult to decide on the future of one’s career, let alone to look for a job, without knowing what the labour market is like today, what has changed, what has become essential and what has disappeared.

You’ve come to the right place! In this article we will tell you about the current job market and the job search and changes that have already taken place.

The main changes that took place in the job search during the pandemic.

Although many companies are currently facing difficulties due to the decline in the market, some of them still have not returned to office work. Some have decided to stay in home office mode forever, but their percentage is small, almost 10%. Part of the practice of moving between the office and the desk at home is 12%, and 68% of people still work in a stationary mode. So we can say that finding a new job is still possible.

The question remains open whether working from home cannot be as effective as in the office? This is influenced by many reasons, such as the inability to manage the stress of change or the inability to organize independent work and lack of supervision. In an attempt to counteract this, companies are introducing development programs in which, with the help of specialists, they train employees how to recognize the first symptoms of overload or burnout, depression.

And moreover the saving of time and travel costs makes a lot of people want to work from home and as we know demand generates supply. Companies more and more provide the opportunity to work flexible hours, so that everyone can reconcile professional, private and family responsibilities.

Some organizations choose to leave employees free, which leaves them to choose their work mode. Such a flexible system allows, for example, to stay at home during the period of increased risk of contracting coronavirus, but also allows the usual remote work.

Online recruitment is also growing in popularity, also due to the events of recent months. Last year, practiced mainly in international organizations, today it is gradually becoming a standard.

Recruitment, conducted through video conferences, online forms and other tools specially designed for this purpose, is gaining more and more recognition. Increasingly, recruiters have the option of video meetings. In the months of the new reality, companies are improving recruitment procedures, tools and methods, and candidates are getting better at video meetings.

Advertising sites continue to evolve and cater to the needs of their users. The functionalities outlined above have been created by changing candidate expectations, and their purpose is to make the difficult art of job searching a little more enjoyable and easier.

What will help you find new employment?

Job search in the face of the coronavirus has almost entirely moved to the Internet. In the current situation, job offers are easiest to find on specialized portals-both nationwide and local or specialized. Such an example can be Jooble. If Jooble could be compared to anything, it is especially to Google’s search engine, which searches for a variety of content and information. Jooble, on the other hand, is very similar to it, except that it searches only for jobs, while scouring the entire Internet.

Job search can also be transferred to the social media environment. Popular portals have pages or groups dedicated to posting ads by both employers and people looking for a new job. An effective way to find a job in the age of coronavirus is also to update or create a profile on one of the sites, establish business and professional contacts. This solution is recommended mainly for professionals in this sector. Being active in such a place in the network allows you to meet people from a specific industry, and also allows you to get recommendations from them, which can be very useful in finding a new job.