Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

HR and payroll software – which one to choose?

But what does “accessible program” mean? One at which you do not have to spend hours to learn its functions. Simple, clear design of the software will make your employees enjoy using it.

The key features are timeliness and security

When choosing, also check that the program will always be up to date with current regulations. Safety is also important. HR and payroll software contains personal data of employed personnel, so it must be protected. Make sure the information is encrypted and can be backed up.

Help with calculations and data transfer

The ability to automatically calculate salaries and social security contributions will speed up the work of the personnel department and reduce the risk of mistakes. The same advantages have the function of transferring information from the HR and payroll program to the accounting program and uploading HR data from a file. It’s good if the system also facilitates preparing and sending documents to the Social Security Office and sending tax returns to the e-Deklaracje service.

All tasks done on time

As serious a mistake as a mistake can be to miss some important information. Reminders are an important function in an HR and payroll program, e.g. about the fact that the employee’s contract is coming to an end or medical examinations are approaching. Using the software also guarantees timely payment of salaries and submission of documents to the Social Security Office.

See how much you save!

The program not only saves time but also money. It is a cheaper solution than entrusting an external company with HR and payroll services. In addition, it provides environmental benefits – no need to print documents when you don’t need to.