Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

SEO and SEM – what is this?

Considering that the visibility of websites on the Internet is increasingly important, positioning activities are very popular. Well, and since the positioning is about to mention two important concepts – SEO and SEM. It happens to people to confuse them or use interchangeably, although this is a mistake. It is worth knowing what the difference is between them and what exactly includes this type of action.

What is SEO and SEM

  • SEO (Ang. Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of the site for the search engine.
  • SEM (Ang. Search Engine Marketing) are a number of activities aimed at increasing the visibility of the site in the search engine. So it can be said that SEM = SEO + PPC (Ang. Pay per click), i.e. paid clicks on the site.

Audit – What is it?

SEO audit is a page analysis, taking into account the factors with indirect or direct impact on the position in the search results. Positioning a page with something needs to be started, and the audit is a very good start. The site built in accordance with the Google guidelines will definitely gain at the start, but it is not enough to achieve high positions. On the Internet you can find many pages offering such an audit for free, so it’s worth using this tool.

Seo copywriting

SEO copywriting is simply creating content that will not only satisfy the user but also the search engine. The proper creating of content for visitors and good optimization is an extremely important issue here. Good text will not only interest the user, but also saturate it with appropriate key words that will help Google understand what a given article is about. What to look for when writing the text?