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Demando – opinions and description of the survey panel

Demando is a survey panel belonging to Smartpanels, that allows you to earn money by completing paid surveys. Registration is already possible after graduation 15 years old, so minors can also earn. What you should know about the panel and how to increase your earnings from filling out surveys?

Registration with Demando

Before you even start to fill out the surveys in the panel, you must of course set up an account. The whole process is very efficient because all you need to start is your name and email address which you enter in the registration form. It is easy to see that you do not enter a password here because you will be asked for it only after clicking on the activation link which will come to your e-mail address. After that we can log into the panel and fill in the profile. It is worth doing this because thanks to this surveys will be better tailored, so the number of rejections will be lower.

Filling out surveys in the Demando panel can also be an interesting way of working for minors because of the relatively low age requirement of 15 years.

Demando – how to complete surveys?

Demando is a survey panel, so you can earn money by completing surveys, but not only. As an active user we have a chance to receive additional invitations to more complex tasks in which we can earn up to 100 PLN. What is more, the panel also offers other surveys such as. We do not offer individual or focus interviews, or work as a mystery shopper. The only thing we need to do to be able to participate is to agree and provide a phone number.

Of course with each invitation there will be information about the length of the survey and the points that can be earned. So the decision is entirely up to you whether to complete the survey or not.

Working as a mystery shopper

mystery shopper

Working as a mystery shopper is an interesting form of additional work, although obviously not everyone will be suitable for it. The second thing is that the number of such tasks will certainly not be too high and will depend mainly on where we live. However, deciding to work as a mystery shopper we can count on higher earnings, so it is worth considering. Of course Demando is not the only application that offers this type of work.

Demando referral programme

Demando also has a referral program, which means that you can invite your friends via a reflink. For each survey completed by a referral we receive additional points, of course without any impact on the invited person's earnings. It is definitely worth to be interested in this option, because in this way we can significantly increase the speed of acquiring points, and even build passive income. Of course, this is subject to the condition that you build a solid network of active referrals who will regularly complete surveys.

How much can we earn in Demando?

Unfortunately, as in any other survey panel, it is difficult to predict your exact earnings as it depends on several factors. One of them is the demand for answers from a specific group of people such as. Smokers, residents of a particular region, etc. This is why it is so important to fill out a profile right after registration in order to.

Usually for completing one survey we receive Points worth between 1 and 10 PLN. On top of that there are the aforementioned tasks for which we can receive as much as 100 PLN and work as a mystery shopper. Of course you will always be asked if you want to take part before any special tasks, but it is definitely worth being active.

Withdrawal from Demando

From the panel we can withdraw funds in 3 ways, and the minimum necessary to make a withdrawal depends on the form selected. The basic and most popular payout option is of course a transfer to a bank account, which can be made once you have accumulated 50 PLN worth of points. In addition, we can decide to exchange them for a phone top-up (from 10 PLN) or donate to a selected charity (from 50 PLN). It is worth noting that the payment is made within 7 working days, so it is relatively fast.

ranking of bank accounts

A bank account is now a basic tool without which it is difficult to imagine normal life. Practically everyone has them, although not everyone knows that you can also earn at least a few hundred zlotys by switching banks. It is enough to check current bank promotions and possibly consider opening a new account. Of course, banks also offer an account for young people, so minors can also easily withdraw money from the panel directly to their bank account.

Proof of payment

Below proof of payment from the panel directly to your bank account.

demando proof of payment

How to earn more money by taking surveys

paid online surveys

Completing surveys is one of the easiest ways to make money online, but unfortunately the number of surveys coming from one panel is relatively small. Therefore, it is worth registering also in other such as. ySense to increase your earnings.

How to delete an account

You can delete your Demando account at any time if for any reason you do not like the panel. To do this, we must go to „Your profile”, visible after logging in, and then click on the red button „I want to delete my account”. After clicking on it, we only have to confirm our decision, but it is worth thinking about very carefully beforehand. If you delete your account, you lose all your data and all your earnings.

Panel earnings and tax

Demando pays all the taxes on the rewards, so we don't have to worry about anything. Collected points are rewards, not income, so we do not have to show them in the annual tax return. The panel also does not send any PIT to the program participants. This information can be found in the panel's FAQ.

Opinions about Demando

There are many positive reviews about Demando, even though it is a relatively young survey panel. It has a very clear website and quickly pays out, but unfortunately a lot of users complain about the number of surveys sent. This is however very individual and depends mainly on a properly filled out profile. Like any other panel it is best to test and evaluate Demando yourself, because there are no problems with solvency.

Do you have any experience with the panel? Share your opinion in the comments.