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Imas online – panel opinions and description

Imas online is a survey panel, so we earn here on filling in surveys via the internet. The service has been operating since 2005 and it is run by Institute for Market and Social Research IMAS International from Wroclaw. The panel is fully solvent and has a very good reputation on the Internet. Registration in it is, of course, free, and minors can also create an account, because to register you only need to be at least 13 years old. How to earn in the panel and earn more money for completing surveys?

Registration in Imas Online

Registration on the panel is relatively quick, as it doesn't require much data from us at the outset. It is enough that in the registration form we give such information as name, surname, e-mail address, gender, date of birth and password. Once you have created an account there is a short profile questionnaire which you will need to complete. It is worth noting the very low age requirement, so it can also be an interesting job for minors.

How to make money with Imas Online

As in other survey panels, we earn money here by filling out surveys. After registration we have to fill in the first profile questionnaire, thanks to which our surveys will be better tailored. We can complete it in about 10 minutes, so it is not too long. The number of available surveys depends on our profile and current demand for opinions of people from a given target group. Therefore everyone will receive a different number of surveys – some less, some more.

All surveys that we can fill out at the moment can be found in „Surveys” and after clicking on „Start survey” you will get more information about it. Among them the estimated time needed to complete a given survey and the reward awarded after its completion.

Surveys at Imas Online

Below you will also find information about completed surveys. Even those in which we did not participate.

For each correctly completed survey we receive points that are converted into money during payout. What distinguishes Imas online from other panels is that we get a point even if we do not qualify for a survey. Although it is a symbolic 1 point, but it can be a form of consolation.

It is worth adding that we can earn additional points for general activity on the website. How it looks like? After a certain number of entries in the surveys we receive additional points e.g. 2 points after clicking on 4 links to surveys etc. There are several successive activity thresholds that reset annually. To gain all levels of activity we have 365 days, which is quite a long period of time.

Referral program

Inviting friends is another way to earn extra points. We receive 30 points for every registered person who completes at least one paid survey. Unfortunately this bonus is one time only, but it is still an interesting addition to your earnings. (From 15.01.2018 suspended until further notice).

How much you can earn in Imas Online

After resigning from the possibility of inviting friends by reflinking, the earning potential of the panel has strongly decreased. Surveys still guarantee a pretty decent income, but we no longer have the opportunity to build additional passive income. How much we earn depends solely on the number of surveys we receive and complete. Their number, in turn, depends on the specific profile and current demand for answers from people in the selected target group.