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How to fill in surveys in IQS panel?

Feedback.en (formerly „Twój Punkt Widzenia”) is a nationwide survey panel, where participants share their opinions on various topics in exchange for remuneration. The owner is IQS Online and it is one of the longest operating panels in Poland (operates since 2007). The following people can create an account there are over 16 years old. What you should know about the service and where else to register?

Registration in

Going to register in the panel at the very beginning we receive questions about gender, year of birth, place of residence, etc. The next step is to accept the rules and only then we give such information as user name, e-mail address and password. It is quite unusual solution, because most of the panels require only login and password, and any questions about the profile are available after the registration. It is worth noting, however, that we would have to provide these answers anyway in order to receive properly adjusted surveys, so it doesn't really matter. Otherwise, a large number of rejections (due to mismatched profile) could effectively discourage people from earning in this way.

filling out surveys can also be an interesting job for minors as the registration does not require age.

Opinions.en – how to fill in surveys

how to earn in IQS panel

For just registering in the feedback we get 200 points to start, and after completing the profile additional 400 points (unfortunately these points are one time only). Although the number of points is not very high, but it is an interesting bonus, because some panels do not give such a bonus. It's worth filling in the profile right away not only because of the additional points, but due to the fact that its completion will allow us to receive much better tailored surveys.

The basic form of earning in is of course filling out surveys, and information about their availability can be found under „Your surveys”. To fill out a survey you just need to click on „view invitation” and you will go to it. Notification of new surveys, in addition to the box in the program also goes to the specified e-mail address. After selecting it you will learn about the topic, number of points possible to get and approximate time needed to complete the survey.

Recommendation program in panel

Inviting friends by means of a reflink is an additional form of earning, which can increase earnings and build passive income. From each referred person we get 20% of the completed surveys, as you can see on the screenshot. Of course the invited person doesn't lose anything on this, and the bonus for the inviting person is additional. It's also worth noting that in IQS panel we have „top 10 inviters ranking”, that is 10 people who invited the most people to the panel in a given People in this ranking receive additional prizes from the service worth about 200 PLN.

You can find invitation links in „invite” tab;. There we can also see the statistics of the referrals and the points gained in this way. Here we can also find the mentioned ranking and information about currently held points and position in the ranking, so we can see how much we lack to the top.

What else apart from filling out surveys can we find in IQS panel?

Filling out paid surveys is the basic form of earning in this panel, but it is worth adding that we have here the possibility to earn also on:

  • telephone interviews,
  • video chats (netView),
  • Product tests,
  • online diaries and discussion forums.

To take part in such researches you have to give your consent, which you can find in your profile under „Research”.

Competitions in

Panel offers organizes various competitions, in which we can win very nice prizes, e.g. VR (Virtual Reality) glasses. Usually it is enough that we answer a question or prepare a graphic work on a given topic. Information about these competitions can be found under „Your news”. In this respect, the panel definitely stands out from the competition.

Product testing

testing of cosmetics products

Feedback, in addition to filling out surveys, also allows you to test products. For this type of research we will of course receive more points, because they require more commitment. An additional advantage of such a survey is the product that we get completely free. In order to take part in such tests we have to mark an appropriate consent on the panelist's account. To do this click „Complete profile” and enter the first item, which is „Research”. There we can also mark those in which we would like to participate.

Mobile application from panel

It is worth noting that the feedback also has a dedicated application to fill out surveys on your phone. Admittedly we can simply log on to the phone via a browser, but this type of solution can facilitate the use of IQS panel for people who prefer to fill out surveys on smartphones. The application is available for Android phones, so you can find it in the Google Play store. If you want to download it you can use browser or go to panel's website and click on „Application”.

Of course there are also many other mobile applications which allow you to earn money not only on filling out surveys. If you want to make money using your smartphone it is also worth paying attention to them.

Earnings withdrawal from IQS panel

On the feedback we gain points which are then converted into zlotys (10000 points = 50 PLN). At one time the panel allowed payout to PayPal, but unfortunately it was withdrawn, so currently the most popular option is payout to a bank account. The following are implemented to the 15th day of the next month from the moment of the order or up to 4 days in case of a transfer to a bank account. In addition to the payment of money we can also exchange it for (in parentheses the required number of points):

  • (4000),
  • gift card to Zalando (5000),
  • bidon (8000).
  • thermal mug (9000).

It is also worth noting that the points earned can be allocated to charity and transferred directly to the account of the selected foundation. All of them require at least 5000 points, and we can support them:

  • Pomocna Ręka Foundation (5000),
  • TV Puls Pod Dębem Foundation (5000),
  • Watchdogs for Animals in Poland (5000).

Payout to your bank account

ranking of bank accounts

It's hard to imagine functioning now without a bank account, so when deciding to change it's worth knowing which bank offers the best conditions. Especially that many of them offer money for opening an account, so on such a change we can also earn. Of course, also minors can pay out in this way, because the account for the young you will find in the offer of many banks.

Proof of payment

Below the proof of receiving 300 PLN from the panel directly to PayPal.

How to earn more money from surveys

paid online surveys

Earning money by filling out paid surveys via the Internet is a relatively easy way to earn money, but unfortunately the number of surveys coming from one panel is not too high. Therefore it is worth to open an account in at least a few services (eg. ySense) to increase the number of surveys we receive, and therefore also our earnings. Of course, these panels do not interfere with each other in any way.

How else to make money online

work at home and earn money online

Besides surveys you should also be interested in other ways of earning through the Internet, and there are many of them. Depending on the degree of difficulty and the time you need to devote to them, you will earn more or less, but surely everyone will find a suitable method for themselves. It is also worth noting that many of them require virtually no additional skills. All you need is some free time and most of all willingness.

How to delete an account in

If for some reason the panel does not appeal to us and we resign from further filling surveys, account in the we can remove in 2 ways:

  • clicking „delete” on the panelist's account (although I must admit I can't find it anywhere),
  • by notifying the organizer using the button „report a problem” or by sending a message directly to e-mail address: ankiety[małpa]

This type of decision should be well thought out in advance, because deleting an account involves the loss of all earnings and the resignation from participation in competitions and loyalty programs.

Is it worth? – opinions about IQS panel

Filling out paid surveys is a very good way to boost your household budget, and the feedback certainly belongs to the top services of this type. Definitely worth recommending, and regular payouts and positive feedback on the Internet speak for themselves. A big advantage of IQS panel are various competitions, which allow you to get additional, often pretty good prizes. It is worth setting up an account in the panel if only to judge for yourself, because registration is completely free.

Do you have any experience with this survey panel? Share your opinion about it in the comments!