Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Work for minors

Everyone has expenses – both adults and adolescents. In the case of adults, however, the case is slightly different, because after finishing school we can go straight to work and start earning money for ourselves. The situation for young people is a bit more complicated, due to school obligations. It is not easy to do everything in order to earn some pocket money, but work for minors can also be found. What you can do?

Work for minors via the internet

Young people usually use vacations to earn money for themselves because of the large amount of free time, but you do not have to wait that long. Admittedly, there are more opportunities during the summer season, but it is definitely more interesting to work remotely using the internet. Thanks to this, we don’t even have to leave home to make money and we can do it all year round. What is more, this type of solution also allows you to work even when the weather outside is bad. The following suggestions for earning money are relatively easy, and all you need to make money is the internet and a device with access to it. So what opportunities for remote work have the youth?

Completing paid surveys

paid online surveys

Filling out paid surveys is a very popular way to earn money online, especially among minors. This is because many survey panels have a relatively low age requirement for panelists. Of course by registering in more survey panels we can significantly increase our earnings.

Earning from clicking on ads

clicking on ads

Clicking on ads is another easy way to make money, which will work great for teenagers. The main advantage of earning in the internet in this way is certainly the ease of doing it, because all you need is the ability to click. It is worth mentioning that this type of services often offer additional opportunities to earn money e.g. paid jobs with better rates.

Apps to earn money on your phone

applications to make money

Earning apps are another, equally interesting way to get extra cash. Nowadays practically everyone has it with them all the time, and certainly teenagers. Thanks to such applications we can earn not only at home, but also in the city or while traveling.

Work as an influencer

influencer - who is it and how to become one

Influencer is a popular person in the world of social media who has a significant audience. This can be followers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., but among teenagers the most popular is TikTok. It is worth noting that among the best earners are often minors. What is more, their earnings can even exceed several million a year.

Earning on games

Earning on games

Earning money on games is certainly a dream job for many people, especially teenagers who like to spend many hours at their favorite titles. There are really many opportunities to use this form of entertainment as a form of work. Interestingly, in this way we can also earn quite well.

Earning on cryptocurrencies

bitcoin - how to start making money

To these easier forms of earning we can certainly also include cryptocurrency taps, which allow you to receive a certain amount of coins for free e.g. bitcoin. These in turn can be exchanged later for real money, although in the case of minors the exchange is quite difficult. This is because there are no platforms that require verification, for example. exchanges, but there are also other opportunities, so there should be no problems.

Payout of money earned online

account for young people

When you decide to earn money online, you usually get the money directly to your bank account. Fortunately, currently also teenagers do not have a problem in this regard, because the account for young people is available in principle without any additional fees. Of course, the ability to receive payouts from the Internet is not the only advantage of having such an account, so you should consider setting it up. This is a very good solution for teenagers who earn their own money, but it is also worth noting that often banks offer them additional bonuses such as. discounts to the cinema.

Why remote work is a good option for minors

All the above suggestions will work great as work for teenagers, who have some free time e.g. after school. Among the services that pay for filling out surveys and clicking on ads there are many where you only need to be at least 13 years old to be able to register and earn money. Of course, the main advantage of remote work is that We do not have to leave our home to earn, but not only. It is also worth noting that work via the Internet usually offers a much greater earning potential, compared to classic offers such as. seasonal harvests. There we have a fixed rate and it is unlikely to change. In the case of online work, with the right commitment you can earn a lot, especially in the long run.

Working online is undoubtedly one of the best options for minors to earn extra cash, but it is also not the only option. In addition to the Internet, young people can easily find many other activities that allow you to earn money at an early age. You just have to look around well enough. What are the possibilities?

Contract work for minors

The Code allows for the employment of a minor between the ages of 16 and 18, but only for light work. These can be defined as those that do not pose a threat to life, health or psycho-physical development. The employer should draw up a list of such work performed in the given establishment, and then approve it with the competent labour inspector and occupational physician.

There are exceptions, however, and sometimes juveniles can be hired for some of the prohibited jobs if they need to undergo vocational training. However, there needs to be special protection for the health of young people employed in these jobs.

Work for minors on vacation

There are also jobs for minors in the high season. The harvesting of fruits and vegetables is available during the holiday season in many places, although it is not always worthwhile to undertake. Deciding on a seasonal job you need to take into account several issues. As a rule, these jobs are less well paid, so the long commute may not be worth it. Of course, driving several people in one car is better, but it is not always possible. Therefore, it is best if such work is available fairly close by and commuting e.g. by bike is not a problem at all. Otherwise, the earnings may not be worth the time spent.

To the most popular seasonal work we can probably include picking strawberries, although this type of work can get boring quickly. The other thing is that, despite appearances, it is not one of the lightest, and the salary often leaves much to be desired.

Work for young people in domestic duties

There are many people you can help with the household chores, so jobs for young people will also be found among neighbors, especially older ones. To start with, it is enough to place an ad, e.g. on the staircase in blocks of flats to start collecting orders. With time, the word of mouth will surely spread, so others will know about your services. When it comes to earnings, everything depends on the type of service, its price and quantity.

To the duties in which you can help your neighbors should be distinguished:

  • walking the dog,
  • taking out the garbage,
  • shopping,
  • mowing the lawn.

Of course, the above list is by no means exhaustive, as there are also many other things that people are willing to pay to help with.


For young people there will be a lot of gainful employment, but this job over the internet is of most interest. Especially that with time and experience you can earn really big money. What’s more, by getting interested in this topic relatively quickly, there is a good chance that it will make a good start in the future much easier. How? It is very likely that after graduation, the earnings from remote work will already be high enough to make any full-time position unnecessary.

Maybe you have some other job offers for minors? Share your opinion in the comments.