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SW Panel – Opinions and description of the website

In recent years, the pages where social and marketing research are undergoing great and well -deserved popularity. One of them is SW panel (or Studentswatch), who has very good reviews and regularly pays money to its users. Registration in the panel is possible after the age of 13. What is worth knowing about the site and how to earn in it?

SW Panel a Studentswatch

It is a bit surprising that the panel is available under the name SW Panel and Studentswatch. It is interesting because the pages are basically no different from each other, except for the logo in the upper left corner. They are also fully connected with each other, so by registering on one of them we automatically get an account on the other. Therefore, it doesn't matter what of them we will log in, because the balance is common. We can even log in here once, here if we feel like it.


Registration in the panel is very fast and simple. All you have to do is go to the registration form, provide your e-mail address and click the button „ Register ”. We fill out the rest of the information only after creating the account, after logging in to the panel. We can do this by entering the tab „ My profile ”, then „ Profile edition ” and next to the inscription „ profile survey ” Click on „ Update ”.

How to earn in SW Panel / Studentswatch

Surveys to be completed are available in the tab „ survey database ”.

After selecting a survey that is interested, just click the button „ Fill ”. It is worth paying attention to the salary in advance, and more precisely the type of points that we will receive for completing the survey. After entering the tab.

Types of points in SW Panel

In SW panel we get two types of points:

  • Cashpoins (earlier StudentPoINTS) – Points awarded for participating in commercial research, which can be exchanged for money or material prizes,
  • Socialpoints – Points awarded for creating your own surveys and taking part in non -commercial research. On their basis, a ranking is created every month, where 20 people with the highest number of these points receive prizes.

Command program

When inviting friends to the panel, we get additional points, so it's definitely worth getting interested. Thanks to this, we can guarantee additional passive income, although unfortunately the number of points scored will depend on the profile of the invited person:

  • 2 Socialpoins for each invited person who will register and fill out the profile,
  • 2 Cashpoins For every person who will register, he will complement the profile and have more than 40 years old or lives in the countryside.

Of course, we can invite with a special reflination, but it is worth noting that the partner program of this panel is quite specific. It is easy to see that it is worth inviting primarily people who are over 40 years old and living in the countryside.

Earnings payment

Cashpoints accumulated in SW Panel can be paid after collecting at least 100 students, or PLN 50. Among the available payment options to choose from, we have a bank account and a PayPal internet portfolio. It is also worth noting that in addition to payment in the form of a monetary, we also have the opportunity to exchange points for:

  • discount coupons for online stores,
  • t -shirts,
  • survey creator (access to the enriched version),
  • Support for charity organizations.

Payment to a bank account

Ranking of bank accounts

Payment to a bank account is undoubtedly the most popular option if we want to pay the money earned. It is worth knowing that we can also receive money for creating an account, if we do not have it or we just want to change it. Of course, minors can also pay this way, because the banks also include an account for young people.

PayPal payment


PayPal is the most popular internet portfolio that is supported by many online stores, but also allows you to pay the accumulated funds directly to the bank account. When deciding to earn money on the internet, it is worth having it, because not all websites allow you to pay directly to a bank account.

Proof of payment

Below is proof of receiving PLN 50 from the panel directly on PayPal.

SW panel proof of payment

The possibilities offered by SW Panel and Studentswatch

Studentswatch is an independent company (with Polish capital), which is a project of researchers' community. The basis of the company's activity is therefore not only researchers, but also analysts, programmers and sociologists. They share their knowledge and all the possibilities of getting it. They are aware of the fact that the most useful are the study in this aspect – Conducting them, verification and analysis. In this project, each survey panel user may become: a project designer, implementer and participant in the research. Each registered user can create, complete and view surveys results. We will also find a ranking of people who are most active (which is associated with specific benefits). In SW panel we can:

  • Design your internet survey (using an easy -to -use wizard),
  • implement research projects on people from the panel, but also on other Internet users,
  • participate in research and receive remuneration for each of them (which is proportional to the complexity of the study),
  • create larger research projects together with a group of other people according to individual needs,
  • take part in innovative research projects (such as: internet barometer or student monitor).

How to earn more on surveys

Paid online surveys

Earning on completing paid surveys via the Internet, which is quite a good source of additional income, but unfortunately the number of surveys sent by one panel is not too large. In order to increase earnings, we should register at least in several surveys to receive more surveys, which in turn will directly translate into greater earnings.

Advantages SW Panel / Studentswatch

Registration in SW panel brings many measurable benefits. First of all, completing surveys will make us have a real impact on the decision of various companies and public institutions, as well as the possibility of making a salary. The answer of each respondent is important for them: both when it comes to preparing material products and social projects. Each of the panel users will have the opportunity to become a researcher and learn about society's opinions on various topics, all from the quiet of their own home or any place with the internet connection.

Research conducted at Studentswatch is of high quality and their implementation is extremely fast, which allows you to simple verification of their own hypotheses. The knowledge acquired thanks to the results of surveys can be used in any way. What's more, in the panel we can find (and later communicate with them) people who have similar goals and interests – Then we can look for answers to the research questions bothering us. We can always help friends who implement their projects, e.g. related to work in university studies. Registration in SW Panel (Studentswatch) brings a lot of possibilities.

It is also worth paying attention to a very low age requirement, so it can also be a great job for minors.

How to delete an account in SW Panel / Studentswatch

Sometimes there may be such a moment that we just want to delete the account and give up further participation. We can do it quickly by clicking in „ my account ”, and then „ my profile ” And at the very bottom we will find the button „ Delete the account ”. It is not big, but all you have to do is click on it and confirm your decision. However, it is worth thinking well before, because deleting the account will also result in the loss of possible earnings and other account data.

Opinions about SW Panel / Studentswatch

SW Panel (Studentswatch) has no problems with payments, so they prevail on the internet definitely Positive reviews About him. An interesting solution is to divide points into 2 types, although probably for the vast majority of Socialpoints they will prove useless. It is also amazing that the panel is available at two addresses, but this is not a problem basically. It is worth giving him a chance and assessing yourself.

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